Chairman's Message

I have the pleasure to meet you in the Al-Nahhas Language Schools which located in Dekernes city, thanks to God has seen the light after several years of continuous diligent work. and cultural, and because we aspire to leadership and excellence, we have paid our attention to revitalizing school life and activating its roles in order to be able to transcend its traditional function to openness to its social and cultural surroundings, and make it characterized by vitality, creativity and individual and collective contributions.

Al-Nahhas Language Schools are an ambitious educational edifice with a vision that transcends the challenges of reality, by which we anticipate the thresholds of a bright future for our children and our country, God willing. Strong beginnings and encouraging successes lay the foundation for a great qualitative transfer in Dekernes city, and open new horizons for development and creativity in modern learning methods and means to catch up the world who realized that through education and with education alone nations build and rise countries.

And based on the school's keenness to advance the level of education; It seeks to prepare a generation of thinkers and innovators to participate in the development of their societies; Benefiting from the challenges posed by knowledge and technological progress. Our schools adopt strategies of continuous improvement and development through continuous professional development programs for all its employees, as well as analysis, evaluation, and development of systems and methods of dealing with our students. Our schools also work to involve parents and students in this strategy; We believe in teamwork to reach an enjoyable and attractive educational process, and achieve goals and visions towards developing education and advancing its levels. We also emphasize that the family and the school are two factors involved in realizing the aspirations of our sons and daughters.

Dear Parents: We cannot but extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to you for your participation in upgrading the school and your constant support by expressing your comments and opinions. And to elevate it. We are also looking forward with you towards a new, enjoyable, fruitful and successful academic year that we will start with the grace of God, trusting in the capabilities of the management of our schools, teachers, sons and daughters, parents and community participation to achieve together all our goals, ambitions and aspirations of parents with high determination, solid will and sincere effort sponsored by care God .

The God says: And say: "Work (righteousness): Soon will Allah observe your work, and His Messenger, and the Believers.

Mr. Ashraf Alnahhas, Alnahhas Schools Chairman

Director General's Message

I am pleased to introduce to our people in Dekernes and the nearby towns and villages  my sincere congratulations on the opening of this educational edifice, the first of its kind in the region. I am also pleased to offer an educational service that aims at:

  1. Providing healthy, safe, enjoyable and modern educational opportunities for all learners.
  2. Implementation of educational and recreational activities that help learners to achieve a balanced physical, mental, social and emotional development.
  3. Helping learners to enjoy self-learning and creative thinking.
  4. Developing a spirit of respect, tolerance and cooperation with others.
  5. Forming the learner’s personality based on respect and commitment to the noble principles of society.
  6. Building the learner’s personality so that he/she knows his/her duties and rights and abides by them.
  7. Following up on the latest learning methods and technological development and keeping pace with the changes of the age to keep up with today's fast changing and developing world.
  8. The school, with all its various sources, should be the only source of understanding, comprehension, achievement and practice of various activities for all learners without any discrimination.

We are well aware that we need a revolution against the traditional concepts of education and that we need to pay more attention to the educational staff, develop their skills and abilities, and train them to use modern learning methods, and techniques. As the concepts of active learning, activating thinking skills in teaching, addressing learners' higher levels of thinking, the culture of quality in education, and activating the role of learning techniques are the most important axes of our work during the coming period, Allah Almighty willing.

In order to achieve these goals, the school administration has been made up of a group of highly experienced principals who possess all successful leadership skills.

The teaching staff members and the helping services have also been carefully and professionally selected after passing through more than five stages of evaluation.

Our goal is to provide an unprecedented educational service, educational and technological activities for parents, pupils, praying to Allah the Almighty to inspire us right to achieve progress and prosperity for our schools and society.

Mr. Abdel-khalek Shehata, Al-Nahhas Schools  Director General

Primary Stage Principal's Message

In the age of globalization and technological advancement,  we need   to prepare our children to thrive in the future. Our schools aim to build competencies for the 21st century while preserving the values of Egyptian culture.

The basic aims of our primary stage are:

  • Full and harmonious development of children.
  • Promotion of spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils and in school and society.
  • To prepare pupils for the opportunities and experiences of the adult life.
  • Pupils should be literate and numerate with high aspirations
  • They should have a positive attitude and the ambition to succeed
  • Also to love learning and to be innovative and creative
  • To be independent learners who show resilience and perseverance

Our school objectives are

  • To become responsible citizens who respect everyone equally, celebrating diversity and individualism.
  • To provide a safe, happy and nurturing environment where each individual can succeed by attending punctually every day.
  • To ensure all our children have access to quality teaching of a broad, enriched and challenging curriculum. And to engender a positive attitude and celebrate success

To me, it is a significant privilege and joy to be a member of Al- Nahhas Language Schools, here we have so much potential and don't hold ourselves back, here we aim for the stars and we promise you we will

Do all the good we can, by all the means we can, in all the ways we can, in all the places we can, at all the times we can, to all the people we can, as long as ever we can.

Mrs. Amira Adel Al-Awad, Primary Stage Principal

Kindergarten Stage Principal's Message

One of the most important stages in our child’s life is kindergarten. It provides our child with an opportunity to learn and practice the essential social, emotional, problem-solving and study skills that he is going to use throughout his schooling.

It also has a great role in developing the sense of self-esteem.

It introduces your child to new ideas. He is going to become more aware of his surroundings. He is going to learn how to respect others and start understanding their feelings.

For all the above, we pay a great attention to kindergarten. And it’s vital for us to be ready; we really realize the importance of nurturing related skills in children including the ability to focus, think logically, recognize important words, demonstrate some self-control and speak clearly, so we have prepared an integrated course that enables us to achieve our goals. A large amount of English with its four skills is provided. And as the child has perception and reason, he can be made conscious of the presence of Allah within him. We also pay great attention to different activities which help discover and promote child’s interests.

We really focus on developing a kindergarten program that helps our child to grow emotionally, physically and mentally in a recommended healthy way.

We were anxious about choosing staff members who offer your child love, acceptance, understanding and opportunities to learn and experience success.

Mrs. Magda Adel, KG Stage Principal